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My Desserts Diva

Gourmet Dessert Nosh Box

Gourmet Dessert Nosh Box

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Having your Cake and Eating it too! It’s a real thing around here at My Desserts Diva®. MDD Gourmet Dessert Nosh Box, it’s perfect to gift your special, most favorite person for any and every occasion or holiday.

Dessert Bae’s Dessert Nosh Box comes with a variety of our customers favorite treats and MDD famous Gourmet Pound Cakes. Each nosh box contains two (2)Double Chocolate Brownies, four (4) Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies, two (2) Gourmet Pound Cake slices (dessert bae’s choice), two (2) Ruby Red Velvet Cake slices, two (2) Sweet Potato Tarts, (1) one 16 oz. Bougie Nana Puddin.

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